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Your participation helps children

As soon as this company was build, it was obvious to us that it needed also to help people.  To us, the best way to help would be by supporting the education of children in Africa.  This is because Africa seems always to be the hardest hit by fate (famine, diseases and wars), and educating children offers the best opportunity for a change in the future.  And a few months ago, we met Maud Beckaert.

Since 2007, Maud has organized workshops in letter carving in the South African township of Khayelitsha (Cape Town).


In 2009, Maud founded an organization that aims to give the letter carvers a job in the South African labor market. This organization is named “Number One”. In the past, her project received support from the Province of West-Vlaanderen, Ex-change and Vanhalst Trading. This support continues in the supply of material and know-how.


Maud still goes to Cape Town twice a year in order to track the progress of the letter carvers who are working in the meantime as independent entrepreneurs. (

Since the quality of education in the slums is poor and because she wishes to improve the quality of life of an entire generation -- and not just one person -- Maud decided to support the education of the children of the letter carvers.

Currently, two children are educated in an appropriate elementary private school. The cost for the education for each child is about 1000 euros a year. This includes schooling, the uniforms, the meals and secure transport for the children.

Thanks to your participation to the Meaningful HR Congress, Meaningful hopes to finance 5 years of this education program.  And there is no middle man; the money will go directly to the school.