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Steve Wells

The Stress-Free Path to Peak Performance

Dramatically lift performance whilst simultaneously reducing stress in your workplace

Presented by international leadership coach and peak performance consultant Steve Wells

What if you could turn that resistance into peak performance?

This program will provide you with the strategies for rapidly shifting stress and emotional resistance and turning it into energy for peak performance.

You'll learn a proven 7-step process for peak performance and some powerful new mind-body techniques that will enable you and your people to get better results - with less stress!

Learn these new stress-free peak performance techniques and how they can:

Produce significant improvements in productivity and performance

Dramatically decrease stress levels

Reduce internal resistance to corporate change initiatives

Improve levels of staff morale and wellbeing

Help you achieve sustainable peak performance

You'll gain practical tools to raise your own performance AND tools you can take back into your workplace to raise the performance and reduce the stress of your staff.

This is a proven program for personal and business success used and taught in Curtin University's Centre for Entrepreneurship for over 15 years.

Steve Wells

It is estimated that more than 75% of energy in the modern workplace is wasted on resistance, and research shows only 30% of corporate change programs are successful (McKinsey).

What this workshop will cover:

The presenter, Steve Wells, will outline a proven 7-step process he has researched, refined and modified over 15 years to empower entrepreneurs and business leaders to achieve peak performance. He will explain how new cutting-edge techniques from the emerging field of Energy Psychology can be combined with universal principles of success and proven mental empowerment strategies to clear the way for performance improvement.  He will demonstrate - and you will be able to experience - Simple Energy Techniques (SET), a user-friendly new  "psychological acupressure" technique that can rapidly release stress and help you overcome mental and emotional barriers to peak performance. Finally, he will outline an inspiring new vision for sustainable peak performance.

You'll learn new techniques that you can take away and use in your workplace the next day to help you and your team to achieve a greater level of performance whilst simultaneously reducing negative stress. These techniques are simple, powerful and they really work!

1 day program

Workshop Outline:

Registration starts at 8:30 with welcome coffee.  Conference starts at 9:00.  Lunch (warm buffet) is at 12:30.  The conference ends at 17:30.

Sustainable Peak Performance: A 7-step process for results

New techniques to change behaviour, lift performance and reduce stress:

Mind-based (cognitive) techniques

Body-based (physiological) techniques

Behavioural (skills-based) techniques

New Energy Techniques: Background and research

Demonstration of Simple Energy Techniques (SET) for rapid stress relief

Applying and combining the techniques: Practical and experiential exercises

How to implement these techniques to raise performance in your workplace

You are:

A high achiever

A business leader

A specialist in helping others

A consultant

Someone with discerning taste

November 17th 2015

The Venue

The Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Brussels (Evere)

Ideally located in the east of Brussels (Evere), the Marriott Courtyard is easily accessible by

car (near the “Ring”) with lots of parking facilities (public and private) and by public transportation : railway (Evere station), tramway (62) and busses (21 & 45). 

The meeting room is comfortable and well equipped (free Wifi). 

More information here

Who is Steve Wells?

Steve Wells is an international leadership coach, psychologist, and peak performance consultant who regularly consults worldwide with business achievers and elite athletes to improve their performance and enhance the performance of their teams. Steve regularly conducts his personal and business development programs throughout Australia, Europe, USA, UK, Canada, and Singapore.

Steve holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Curtin University and post-graduate qualifications in Education. He has extensive experience in leadership and management at a range of levels.

Steve is a dynamic and inspiring professional speaker. He has attained the Certified Speaking Professional Award (CSP) the highest international accreditation available for professional speakers and was awarded 2004 Professional Speaker of the Year.

Steve is a leading edge researcher and pioneer in the emerging field of Energy Psychology. Together with Dr David Lake he has developed Simple Energy Techniques (SET), a user-friendly "psychological acupressure" technique for taking the stress out of performance. He has helped thousands of people through his international workshops to achieve greater levels of success in their work and life.

Steve is co-author of four books including Enjoy Emotional Freedom. His work has been featured on several Australian current affairs TV programs, he regularly appears on radio, and his work has also been featured in several national magazines and newspapers.

Steve consults with professional sporting teams and elite athletes, helping them to perform at their peak. For several years he was team psychologist for the Perth Heat baseball team, who won the championship using his programs.

For the past 15 years, Steve has been presenting on Peak Performance to business owners and senior leaders at the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Curtin University Business School. He is also on the faculty of the Emotional Intelligence Institute.

Steve's programs and presentations are always inspiring, entertaining, and results-focused. He teaches practical techniques you can use immediately to get better results - with less stress!

More information on Steve Wells and his programs can be found at: and

What others say about Steve Wells and his programs:

"Steve Wells' program is a breath of much needed fresh air… It gets to the roots of behavioural change and uses some of the most effective tools available today to bring about rapid and lasting change."

- Phil Donaldson, Editor, Human Resources Magazine Australia

"Steve's workshops on peak performance are a key component of our business development courses. We get excellent feedback from our clients and have many personal stories of success from them. Steve is truly a masterful presenter and a leading light in his field."

- Phil Doyle, Program Manager, Centre For Entrepreneurship, Curtin University


“Since Steve Wells came on board, our company has consistently exceeded our performance targets.”

- Alan Thomas, Managing Director, Hayes Knight (WA)

"Steve did a simply amazing job in assisting us to resolve leadership issues which we were not capable of resolving on our own...  faced with a very challenging situation I began to wonder if the strategy we had adopted was the wrong one. Working with Steve and using his techniques helped me regain my faith in respect to our organization's strategy, get clarity of thinking and keep going. Now six months later the organization is booming on all fronts, our people are motivated engaged and aligned and I have inner peace.  Thank you Steve."

- John Poulsen, Managing Partner Australia, Squire Patton Boggs, recognized by Law360 as a top 10 global law practice

"After spending a day at one of Steve's seminars the switch in my brain turned on. From that day forward I have never lost focus on my journey towards excellence."

- David Henderson, Managing Director, Welltech

“I have listened to over 50 speakers and rarely have I seen anyone have such an impact on an audience.”

- Brenda Mitchell, Former Manager, Public Sector Management, Western Australia

"Without a doubt the best, most productive workshop I've ever been to and I have the results to prove it. Business has flowed beautifully since I've returned and if anything I need to take a break and rework my goals… Thank you."

- Cheryl Trevers, Peak Performance Coach, Canada

"Awesome. An amazing workshop that is not only given me new insights into myself but has given me tools I can use in both my personal and corporate life."

- Louise Pretty, Manager Applications Development and Support, Alinta Energy

"Working with Steve Wells I found the mental edge that raises an athlete from average to elite "

- Pat Ahearne, Australian Baseball League Pitcher of the Year

"Fantastic! I have attended many peak performance workshops over the years, but none provided me with the proper tools to overcome my thinking habits like your workshop enabled me to."

- Ed Keay-Smith, Business Owner, Online Impact